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Motocross Butt Patches

We got your back, your Butt Patch will be custom made to meet your needs. Pick from the thin and light weight vinyl printed or the original leather version.

Motocross – Seat Covers

Custom made with the finest materials, build to suit your height and grip needs. Designed to make your bike unique and provide perfect and outstanding advertising space for sponsors.


Motocross – Grip Covers

Clean Grips are crucial to be able to hold on to your bike properly. No question that we offer this product customized.


Sasha Baier

Founder: Chief Innovator
Home: Swabia Germany

Pair a passion for perfection with  20 years of race-winning Motocross Team Advisor and Race Mechanic positions for winning teams, and you have GD’s founder. His talent and outstanding Motocross know-how go into developing GD products which will make you stand out too.

Sasha is Swabian, famous for their hard work and balancing cost and longevity when making reliable quality products which are selling worldwide.

Read more about Sasha on About Us.

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